Beyond quotes, my calendar is filled with these silly, little commitments – commitments to work, family, friends and myself.  I guess that’s the point of a calendar, but mine is getting a little out of control. Each day only has so many lines and when I’m doubling up…time to slow it down!

I write down big things, little things, things I want to do, things I have to do, things that would be lovely to do and things I don’t imagine I’ll do.  And I think that’s the clincher for the out-of-controlness.  When I’m moving something from one day to the next, what’s the point in even putting it on the list? 

Heading into holiday season, so many things can pile up and make life hectic, so, in November, I’m making a point to list and schedule with intention.  If I write it, it’s because I intend to do it and if I intend to do it, I do it – big or little, intimidating or not.  Crazy concept, yeah?

I don’t think this will make me more productive.  I think it will help make me more aware of how I’m choosing to spend my time and I’ll end up making fewer commitments because I’m honoring the actual time and energy I have on any given day

Five days in, it’s working really well.  Instead of slamming all my to-dos into a day that I already have work, GOTR and a yoga class I NEED to get to, I’m learning to spread them out and not worry about things that aren’t important anyway.  November is looking like it has some breathing room and that is a lovely feeling.


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