The Pizzeria Bianco Incident (Or “Why I’m Pretty Sure I’ll PR Tomorrow”)

Tomorrow is my first “second” race.  I set the bar pretty low for my 10K almost a year ago at the Shun the Sun event at Hohokam Stadium in Mesa and here’s the (now) humorous story of why I’m 95% sure I’m going to PR tomorrow.

The plan for the night before the race was ice cream in Wickenburg, but that town rolls up the sidewalks when the sun goes down, so the plan changed to Pizzeria Bianco instead.

We got to the restaurant probably around 8 and was told it would be a two-hour wait. I kind of expected that – it’s tiny and THE (slightly overrated) pizza destination in Phoenix – but it was my first time there and I was in, so we went to a bar around the corner and had a glass of wine.  Well, started with a glass of wine. 

Around the time our table should have been ready, we went to wait outside of the restaurant and started chatting to two women dressed like it was summer while we shivered in jeans and sweaters.  They were from Canada (ooooh) and arrived too late to get their name in for a table. 

My bleeding heart date for the evening decided to add them to our table.  And suddenly our table vanished and it would be another 90 minutes!  The very grateful Canadians bought us a bottle of wine so we drank more and waited more.  We finally sat, but wood-fired pizza is not quickly made and I’m pretty sure we shut the place down.

Oh so much wine + oh so much food + forgetting to set my alarm = I almost missed the race entirely.

BUT, I made it.  I was hungover and possibly still drunk, but I made it.  I ran the first mile, walked the second, ran, walked and then ran the last two in 1:13.  And then my mom was at the finish line and gave me cookies.  Best worst first race ever. 

Despite not training and not being at the top of my game, I learned that my race pace (when I was running) is faster than I ever imagined it would be and that I really like races, so what was destined for disaster actually ended up giving me the race bug! 

Tonight, I’m locking myself in to avoid any accidental imbibings and getting a good night’s sleep.  The race (the Phoenix 10K) is closer to me and later in the morning and should really just be a lot of fun!


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