My Phoenix 10K

I need to amend my list of race superstitions. Please add: Don’t talk about PRing beforehand even if (you think) it’s going to be a walk in the park.

Not that I didn’t – HOLLA! – but it’s probably not a good idea moving forward.

I finished today’s Phoenix 10K in 1:01:50 and although that impressed my not-so-in-love-with-sweat sister, I guess I have to say I’m disappointed.  I only reached my first goal – to beat my last 10K time – and missed both my other goals – 1:00 and 0:56. 

However, I did follow my unspoken race rule of just keep running and there wasn’t a moment when I felt like I could give anything more, so I can be happy with it.  It’s the longest distance I’ve run in some time, so my thighs?  Not so much.  Supta virasana, please!


2 thoughts on “My Phoenix 10K

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