About a Boy

…dog. Yes, about a boy dog.

An itty bundle of energy and feist and sweetness.

Meet Rigo.

He’s understandably vain because he’s so darn handsome! Just kidding…I wanted to see how he’d react to seeing another pup!

In all naked honesty, when I got him, I freaked out, like, who thought it was a good idea to put me in charge of this little thing? Oh, that’s right, I did. Thinking about the responsibility, reading about it, puppy-proofing and decking out the house are good places to start, but having a puppy is totally different. It’s been a week and a half and we’re pretty cool with each other now. 

He’s smart and stubborn, just like his mom.  His current goal is to get on the couch and bed even if it means face-planting into the side and making a fool of himself.  He also has no concept of pacing, also quite like his mom, and frolics for a few yards then sits.  He’s pretty much 100% puppy. 

The life of a puppy...party until you pass out.

No, this isn’t turning into a “furmom” blog, but please anticipate random pics of mini schnauzer cuteness!


5 thoughts on “About a Boy

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