My Glorious Return to Hiking

I haven’t been hiking since…oh this day.  That’s nearly nine months!  The weather has been absolutely perfect for a hike at any time of the day recently, so on Saturday I finally took advantage of it and hiked Pinnacle Peak – a four-mile back-and-forth, up-and-down trail – in North Scottsdale (although it ended up as more of a challenging trail run, which was just what I needed to kick off the weekend).  

About halfway through, I thought, “oh boy, I’m in trouble.”  Not because I was pooping out, but because I was remembering how much I love hiking!  There are more activities I enjoy than time and space on my training schedule! #singlewhitegirlproblems

Beyond getting an amazing view of the Valley and getting out to enjoy Arizona’s beautiful weather, I love hiking because it works random muscles that I don’t necessarily hit in my regular routine, so I was definitely feeling it!  On Sunday, my yoga class had a sub who focused on quad stretches and hip openers.  For that 75 minutes, she was my new best friend!

I took this picture of the trail and mountain when I went back yesterday for a pre-turkey sweat sesh.  My family went hiking every Thanksgiving morning when I was growing up and I’m pretty sure I complained the whole time…little did I know I’d be continuing the tradition by choice eventually!


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