My Mother’s Potatoes

I am my mother’s daughter so when I signed up to take mashed potatoes to Thanksgiving dinner, I did what my mother would do…I attempted to double the recipe that already claimed to make eight servings even though there were only eight people at dinner and obviously there were many other things to eat!

I say attempted to because I made slow cooker garlic mashed red potatoes (yum!) and my crock pot is a mini-me and only fit the ingredients for a single batch.  It’s actually a good thing because my family ate and liked the potatoes AND  took some home, but I took the bulk of the leftovers and just finished them on Friday! Imagine if I had made a double batch. (My sister is also our mother’s daughter and actually did double her sweet potato au gratin casserole recipe and ended up taking the whole second dish home with her!)

But, still, I was left with the extra five pounds of red potatoes I never made.  If you followed along, you’ll see how I blame my mother for those five pounds of potatoes, which is why, when my mother came over for breakfast after the GOTR 5K (she was a running buddy!) yesterday, we had potato breakfast burritos. 

There were no pictures of the food, so I’ll just tell you they were pretty and yummy.  Just sautéed/steamed green peppers and red potatoes, eggs, cheese and salsa verde.  Further proof that I am my mother’s daughter, I used the smoke detector as a kitchen timer.  Twice.  I blame the turkey bacon. 

Since I like cooking and baking so much recently, I should probably just leave this little quick access to smoke detector set up as is.  And yes, that is It’s a Wonderful Lifetime on the TV…I love made-for-TV holiday movies!


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