Training Brain

In the past month, I signed up for – in event order – a half-marathon, an olympic tri (holy hell!), Pat’s Run 2012 and a sprint tri.  Because of that, I have training on the brain.

I’ve revised my plan about five times, but now it’s time to SOGOTP because as much as I want to pretend I could do just an eight weeks to half plan, I know I need a slower build because running has all but fallen off my radar since my tri, so I’m doing 12 weeks, which means starting this week!

I started at the end and worked my way back to the beginning, so while the 12-miler I planned sounds scary, I keep reminding myself that the first few weeks are short runs and I can give myself those 30-60 minutes each day – still sticking to my three days a week plan to fit in yoga and swimming and, you know, sleep – and by the time I get to the 12, I’ll be ready!

Training for the olympic tri is going to overlap with the last month of half-training and Pat’s Run is for fun a week after that.  It’s going to be a busy winter and early spring!


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