Workout Giant: Track Workout

I don’t know why track workouts are intimidating to me.  I guess just like training and sports injuries, track workouts seemed like they were for real athletes.  But, now that I concede that I am, in fact, an athlete and since I want to improve my running, I guess need to learn to embrace the track workout.

Last week I had the chance to run my half-marathon training plan by my newest coworker, who happens to be a marathon coach/high school cross-country coach/Team-in-Training coach.  About half of our small office runs regularly, and fortunately for us, he doesn’t tire of talking about running and doesn’t mind handing out free advice!

I’m stubbornly sticking to three days a week, which he says is fine, as long as I make them count.  These speed workouts – tempos, race pace and intervals – are the shortest each week, so I’m taking a go all out, be all in attitude. 

The intervals are the trickiest part for me so I decided this time around I’d take them to the track so I wouldn’t have to deal with stoplights or be checking my Garmin for distance constantly.  On Sunday, I found myself back at high school! 

The coach suggested my interval workouts be done at about 5K pace, but that’s something I didn’t remember until I was done and had booked it on the straights, clocking one at a 6-minute pace (definitely NOT my 5K pace, or even my 1-mile pace).  And then I wanted to throw up, a measure of how good a workout is that’s usually reserved for spin class.

Even though I completed the two miles in just under 20 minutes, which isn’t much faster than my normal pace, I’m calling my first track workout a success, if just for the fact that it got me past the intimidation factor and that I’ve found a field to run on when my training calls for it!


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