On Quitting

Calf cramps and tightness while I’m running lately make me want to cry and give up.  My five-miler last night had a brutal start.  I really don’t remember running being this painful previously (although in the run’s defense, I willingly spent the first 2.5 miles going up a steady hill and the part where I turned around and went back down was much better).

It’s not just negative Nancy thinking while I’m running and it’s tough or if I have about 10 things I’d rather do than my scheduled run for the day, it’s just that I’m taking time to consider why it’s important to me to train for and finish another race. My bucket list goal was to do one and I did.

Honestly, I have been thinking about “giving up” running.  I don’t think I’ll ever stop running for fun, exercise and stress relief, but I’m not sure if I’m all that into races anymore. I’ve been wondering why the heck I am doing another half-marathon. Part of me is contemplating rounding up some friends to walk (or walk-jog) the half with me and just have a nice day spending some time outside.

But, maybe I want to do it because I was just 10 minutes off of a nice round time and I think I can get it this time around, maybe because I know in the back of my head how much I love the feeling of running with other dedicated people going after their goals and that nothing beats a race day high.

Three days a week I’m following my training plan just in case I decide I still want to go for it. And I know ultimately I will. Sometimes I run out of pure stubbornness and that’s okay.

Experience tells me it will get easier and I know I can help that along by hydrating and fueling better and also getting back to the dreaded foam roller. It’s not so dreaded on its own, but it’s dreaded after being tucked in a closet for months.  Yoga was good enough to keep me  stretched when I was running less than 10 miles a week but my mileage is increasing and I need to bring in the big guns now.

Choosing to run and race and race well is a commitment, but ultimately it’s worth it to me.  We all have little bumps we need to get over from time to time!


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