Commandments, Intentions and Goals

Happy 2012!  I spent the long New Year’s weekend doing yoga (Bikram and a Lulu class in the great outdoors), enjoying our summer-like weather with long puppy walks and reading by the pool, cleaning/organizing/decorating the house and making resolutions (of sorts) of course!

I’ve been reading other bloggers’ resolutions and challenges and 2012 goals for the past week or so.  My head started spinning with all the different ways to go about it, but on NYE, the way that’s going to work for me kind of just came to me, so this year I set:

(Ideals/mantras for the year.)

First things first and one thing at a time.
Say what you need to say.
Change ingredients as necessary.

(Because you can’t break intentions.)

Grow relationships.
Take vitamins. Eat whole foods.
Be selfish and be selfless.
Be present.
Prepare lunches and plan dinners for the week.

(One and done things to kick ass at and cross off.)

Take a ME vacation.
Spring and fall clean my home.
Be a GOTR running buddy.
Get into plow and standing leg balance poses.
Do a 30-day yoga challenge.
Learn to flow at home.

I set goals and try to be focused year-round, but love the fresh feeling of a new year and unlimited possibilities!


6 thoughts on “Commandments, Intentions and Goals

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