Getting My Plow On

This is happening…

But, also this…

One of my original resolutions of sorts was to deepen my yoga practice with a few poses that have eluded me since I started my journey, specifically plow (I’ve never realized how kind of creepy this pose is until I saw a whole Google image search page of it):

and standing leg balance:

My tight hammies have kept me in the beginner’s option for both of these, so I was pleasantly surprised when my little tootsies actually touched down on the floor above my head in plow.

Having specific goals for poses, so far, has encouraged me to keep challenging myself during classes – taking the more advanced options, trying the tricky stuff during playtime when child’s pose is offered and might be easier.  If each class feels the same, I’d probably get bored pretty quickly, which is why I didn’t really like Bikram.

Today was my third class in as many days (I’m usually a four-days-a-week, every-other-day type) and I can’t help wondering what my body could do at the end of 30 days.  I’m kind of thinking maybe it’s a good start to another goal I set for this year – to do a 30-day yoga challenge.

BUT, my half-marathon is coming up sooner than I’m ready for and I do need to turn my focus there, but I’m at least going to keep up the yoga for this week and see where it goes.  Thirty days can seem intimidating, but one day at a time isn’t so bad.  That’s how good habits are made after all, right?  One day at a time, one good choice after another.

My revised mantras/intentions/goals are still in the works (latest inspiration: I LOVE this idea of twelve intentions and the beautiful vision board that goes along with it) and probably will be all year, which is how it should be…I heard recently that yoga is about being not as strong as a tree, which doesn’t move, but as a blade of grass, which is strong enough to stand tall, but flexible enough to move with the wind.

(Wow, yoga has turned me totally crunchy.)

Are there any yoga poses were you really happy to get in? Or that you’re working on?


4 thoughts on “Getting My Plow On

  1. You’re so right, if you practise daily the results will come soo quickly! Another nice one to do from halasana is to bend the knees in order to “shut” the ears. It’s so quiet, it almost feels like a meditative pose 🙂

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