Because pretty active is enough.

I recently read my About Me page and my first thought, aside from I need to update this – “training for a triathlon”? try “experienced triathlete,” boom! – was who is the crazy lady who wrote this?!

Thanksgiving 2007 Tread Break

I definitely have had my share of the kool-aid over the years…kickboxing, spinning (both of those had more to do with the awesome instructors), running, weight training and in the last year, triathlons and yoga, but I’m just not eating/living/breathing it in the same way lately.

It started with a thought, which I found myself thinking too often. Then I started vocalizing it…all I want to do is yoga and walk the pup and swim.

So, with that thought + the notion that you should just do what makes you happy, I’ve “quit” training.  To the best of my ability anyway. The question that nagged me when I was considering this was, “if I’m just doing what I like, do I really need a training schedule?” For me, the answer is yes.

I’m still going to do the races I have planned for this year, but without the expectations of a PR.  At the same time, I don’t want to injure myself or hit a total wall, so I’m keeping some key workouts on my calendar, but there is squish room for hiking or trying a new class or just doing what works for me!

The next four months in Arizona are filled with weather that is exactly the reason people live here and put up with the summers, so it’s the perfect time to just get out and be active instead of overthinking it!


5 thoughts on “Because pretty active is enough.

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  2. Hah, this is awesome to read right now, because I’ve just come to the conclusion that walking our puppy is my favorite form of exercise. I’m not looking to run any races, not that there are any near me to run. So my goal from here on out is to walk him every day that the weather is good (we do a 3.5 mile loop) and hit the gym for weight lifting when B is off work. And I’m not going to feel bad that I’m not racing or doing zumba or the other things that girls our age do.

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