I’ve been thinking about gimmicks lately because of a friend posting on Facebook about a 90-day challenge he’s doing (he’s pretty fit and regularly does races so I don’t really get it).  I asked about it and immediately got hit up by a “distributor” of this particular gimmick.

This time of year, everyone is looking for a quick fix to help them reach their goals for the new year.  Losing 50 pounds sounds great, but when faced with the oppressive reality that it literally could take all year of losing a healthy one pound a week, gimmicks start looking pretty good!

Like I said yesterday, I’m not really drinking the kool-aid much anymore, but there’s one flavor I’ll have in my blood forever…if you want to lose weight, eat less and move more and if you’re training, train hard. It’s really quite simple, but so many people have complicated it over time.

Yes, a lot of the gimmicks boil down to those simple truths of eat less or move more, but they hide that with smoke and mirrors and try to make it fun or easy and it’s not always fun or easy.

I’m not immune to gimmicks. I had the Windsor Pilates tapes in college – yes tapes, yes, just 5 years ago. I once attempted a 10-day juice fast (that lasted 36 hours).  I’ve read my fair share of of-the-moment diet and exercise books. But, since those days, I’ve learned to A. enjoy sweat, B. view food as fuel and C. be more comfortable in my body.

Gimmicks aren’t really all that bad.  However, they do run the spectrum from scary unhealthy to common sense. The gimmicks closer to the common sense side – Bethenny’s Skinny Girl and Weight Watchers – are more maintainable and more likely to work long-term.

Ultimately, no matter how silly, if it works for you, then it’s a good thing.


One thought on “Gimmicks

  1. I’m not a fan of gimmicks. I lost 22 pounds between July and November of last year while going on two week long vacations during that time. I did it by exactly what you said – sweat more, eat less. Several girls have asked me since then what “tricks” I used. I told them straight up that there are no tricks to losing weight, just hard work.

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