You are what you yogi.

I’ve been having an ongoing conversation with a friend about who we are v. who we ARE…or, if you missed my emphasis there, who we think we are (or even worse, who OTHERS think we are) v. who we want to be and can be.

This friend is moving across the country (hey friend, who sometimes reads this blog!) and I’m so happy for him because I think sometimes you need a true fresh start to make those kind of changes because making changes to yourself and your life when everything around you is staying the same is a little scary and sometimes requires you to be stronger than you thought you could be…but that’s all part of being the person you are meant to be, right?

Anyway, that’s like deep-deep and what I’m going to talk about now is not-not, but I saw a connection. How do my philosophies on self-actualization relate to yoga? Please, I’m so in love, I’ll make anything relate to yoga and according to a quote I found this week…

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.

So I practiced yoga this week.  Daily.

Even though I thought I was someone who blows off yoga when things come up or when I get distracted or just when I feel like I have been working hard and deserve a day off. And my practiced deepened in those seven days even though I thought I didn’t have plow or headstand (got that one too).

Even though I thought I was someone who would phone it in just for the sake of being stubborn and finishing it, I pushed myself at each class. Even though I thought I was a level two or three, I found my level one classes yesterday and today to be just as challenging because they moved a lot slower and holding poses is just as tough, if not more so, than a fast-paced flow.

So, am I continuing on to 30 days and beyond? Nope.  I have fun plans tomorrow that conflict with all the sessions at my gym, so my streak is coming to an end.  I’ll get my 30 days sometime this year but for now I’m turning my focus to my half-marathon…and, you know, self-actualization.


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