Coyotes Carnival

I know my “I have fun plans” tease yesterday just kept you right on the edge of your seat…so, what did my Sunday Funday include?

The Coyotes Carnival at Arena! My sister and her husband are hockey fans and live (for now) out on the westside, so the whole fam went to the charity carnival for some more Forced Family Fun because the sheer amount that’s been going on since The Wedding has quite simply just not been enough.

When I get around my family – even though who you’ve been ain’t who you’ve got to be (thanks Timmy-my-love) – I am definitely the LITTLE sister and I’m the one who makes everyone stand in line to take pictures with the mascot.

There were carnival games and mystery bags and player meet-and-greets. Even though I did go to TWO hockey games last year, I wouldn’t know any of the players from Adam, but we did have fun playing Spot the Aspiring Hockey Wives among the women who were standing in line.  And then there was ice skating.

Pretty cute. I tried to take him home, but his parents were all like, “no.”

I was wearing my mom’s 40-year-old ice skates, which were at least a size too small, but it was pretty fun to do a few laps on the arena ice, despite the four-year-olds out there making me look like a fool.

The winter hibernation is coming to an end as my calendar is filling up with more of these unique community events.  Tis THE season in Phoenix after all.


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