Friday’s child is loving and giving.

Does anyone else characterize the days of the week? Like Sundays are for being lazy? Mondays are for hitting the road running?

Last year I read Chasing Harry Winston and one of the characters had a No Human Contact Monday. It was her day of the week of just be alone and her friends and family learned to oblige her.

I definitely have a few ideas about how the days of the week are supposed to go and they change, but lately, Fridays have been for fierce workouts! In my last round of half-marathon training, Saturdays were my long run days, but then I started doing them on Friday…okay, okay, half to “get it over with” and half to start the weekend off on the right, sweaty foot.

Also, I just can’t kick the little kid mentality that the weekend is for F-U-N!  The weekend is a great time to be productive, but it’s nice to get the little stuff out of the way on Friday to have flex room for the things that pop up.

This morning I started the day with a list of things to do before the weekend starts…okay, okay, things to do before I let myself pick up Hunger Games knowing I’ll do nothing once I start reading (I just started late last night and put it down shortly after the reaping).

The list included my fierce workout:  a 45-minute fartlek from my training plan and a half-mile swim.  That’s a good Friday!

Now my house is clean, my well-exercised pup is conked out and THG awaits.

What are your weekly traditions? What day were you born and does the nursery rhyme hold true?

I was a Friday baby and of course, I like to think so!


2 thoughts on “Friday’s child is loving and giving.

  1. I am fairly certain the birthday I was told is mine is a fake. I have never felt I fit my zodic sign, the horoscope rarely matches at the end of the day and I am so clearly far from having grace. At least for sure in the sense of grace of step but maybe I have some grace of character.

    • I’m not very close to the cusp, but sometimes feel more like the water sign that comes before than the fire sign I fall in and usually read both horoscopes!

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