Pardon the gripe…

So, the half-marathon I’m signed up for is rubbish. When I picked it, it was based on a few things:

1. That it is in late-February…not too close to the holidays that I would have been hard-core training during that crazy time.  And by crazy time, I mean cookie time.
2. That they had finishers’ medals…silly perhaps, but I’ve never run a race with medals before!
3.  That is was in Scottsdale.

Note that I said was. When I signed up last fall, the race info page was vague, saying it started somewhere in the Scottsdale area.  Hey!  I live in the Scottsdale area, that’s cool.

I felt silly telling people there was so far no real plan for it, but I’m a very trusting person and I believed a course and starting location would be established, you know, before the race.  Now, I’m kind of convinced it’s like a speakeasy and that they’re going to send out the super secret location 30 minutes before the start.

Last night, the race page was still vague, but with a link to their Facebook page for the latest updates, which said the course was set, but still waiting to be confirmed (what does that even mean?!) and it was in…wait for it…Goodyear!

I think this is where the race organizers expected cheers?  Excuse my brattiness, but no one cheers for Goodyear.  Goodyear is where I pit stop when driving back from California. Goodyear has a Snyder’s Pretzel factory, which is kinda cool because pretzels are delish and all, but I don’t want to race there, 55 miles from where the original race was supposed to be!

This is “Phoenix,” it’s big:

 A is for awesome race location, B is for boo.  The pink circle is my comfort bubble.

But, I don’t want to quit just because something isn’t going my way.  I think, come race day, I’d feel like it was a poor man’s excuse and that the real reason I dropped out is that I was scared to fail.  This round of half-marathon training has been more mental than physical for me and this up-in-the-air crap is messing with my psyche!

If they get their ish together, I’m still in, but it’s not looking promising.  Never fear, I have a super secret back-up plan just in case they fail miserably.  At their job.  At what I and many other people have paid them to do.  At the whole purpose of their business.  At life.


5 thoughts on “Pardon the gripe…

  1. Wow, I can’t believe what you’re going through with this. It’s exactly what makes people scared to jump on the band wagon with small/local events. I hope that in spite of the poor coordination and planning that the event goes spectacularly.

    • I guess they never got it worked out with the city and whatnot. I know there’s a ton of things to organize for a race, but that’s their job! They finally announced today it IS in Goodyear. Ugh.

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