Kick it!

I love the city I live in.  Sure, I miss Thousand Oaks sometimes, lust after Seattle and currently am dreaming of Charleston, but nearly every day I find myself having a “wow, I really love Scottsdale” moment, usually because of the breathtaking views, the sheer amount of things to do and see and places to go or just the energy of the area.

Golf courses, mountains, desert...that's us!

 I had a love-this-city moment over the weekend when I found myself at a kickball tournament sponsored by Scottsdale Healthcare and their new Fit City Scottsdale program.

I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, I was just filling in as a token female to help balance a team, but I found out about the program when I got there and think it’s pretty cool!  I can pretty much get excited about anything that’s getting up and moving and encouraging others do the same.

On Saturday, my whole plan was to get up and move and show that being active and being good at kickball are not actually related – my “recruiter” technically never asked if I could play before we even got to the field!  The first time I got on base was because I was pegged in the ear by the other team’s pitcher, so I think I proved my point.

I did get better as the day progressed and the team did better than I think any of us expected and we ended up with second place…although with a little grumbling about sportsmanship and the spirit of the tournament, my whole team would tell you we won!

It was fun to do something out of the ordinary and my muscles definitely felt the effects of the different movement the next day (okay, and the day after).  Oh, and yeah, we play kickball in January in Scottsdale.  It was high 70s all weekend!


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