Runner’s High and Chocolate Milk

I ran four times in the last week. Who am I?!

Oh, that’s right, a super speedy lady who’s running a half-marathon THIS MONTH. Well, maybe.

My training runs are going well and my mental grit is still helping me power through, but I can admit I sometimes have a bad attitude going into them, particularly the long runs that aren’t about mixing it up. Although the intervals are tough (the last one made me want to puke and pass out, or pass out and puke, I had no clue in which order it was going to happen), they keep me engaged because there’s something different coming right up and I’m focused on the segments, not the whole.

But, my long runs have reminded me of this little thing called the runner’s high. Five minutes in I’m FMLing, but with just a little more time, I’m thinking I’ll run forever and thinking about how awesome running is and I am and you are and how pretty everything is and…hello, endorphins!

Other awesome things that running brings into my life that I forgot about:

Light soy chocolate milk

Foam rolling and The Stick

Peanut butter and dates

Hard-earned sweat


Yoga and swimming today. Six miles tomorrow.

What are the little things that you love about being a runner?


2 thoughts on “Runner’s High and Chocolate Milk

  1. Ha I love this – it’s so true. I love the sense of accomplishment I feel afterwards. Just knowing it wasn’t easy but I pushed through a did it anyways 🙂 That, and I don’t know what I would do without my foam roller, I still can’t believe I trained for and ran my first half without one!

  2. You should post an email address in your profile so I can harass you that way.

    Tracking miles on the trainer:

    My tri coach recommended it to me. And it’s AWESOME. It works on a bike trainer and on the street. There are tons of different bike computers out there in general. It’s great for tracking progress, doing sprints, or going on meadering street bike rides, and still knowing how far you went.

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