My Yogi Valentine

Apparently some people had plans yesterday?!

Mine included a 1400 meter swim – no stopping, just using breaststroke as a little recovery: 300 free/100 breast/400 free/100 breast/500 free – and my must-attend Tuesday yoga class.

Since the new year, the yoga classes at my gym have been you-only-have-your-mat-space-forget-about-extending-your-arms packed.  And good for the JJs for keeping up with it, because the instructors didn’t ease up for their sake by any means.

But yesterday, true love and/or unrealistic expectations won out, which meant there was breathing room and it was soooo nice!  There were all of six students so we stretched out and the instructor declared the beginning of class playtime.

We flowed like Tibetan monks!  The movements she taught were linked to breath, like traditional Vinyasa, and are practiced daily by the monks, or, I suppose, Buddhists in general or people who enjoy aligning their chakras? 

We started with prostrations:

Okay, that was the cutest version I found, but ours involved using blankets to slide in front of our mats (thus why it’s not doable in a crowded studio) and doing a Superman-style back strengthener on the floor.  I think she said the monks do 108 a day!  We just did 10, then we moved onto the Tibetan Five, the first of which is spinning, so we skipped and did the Tibetan Four. 

It’s a lot of ab work and we did 10 of each, but the full ritual calls for 21! The instructor said something to the effect of, “when we’re doing them, you’re going to think it’s not much, but in two days, you’ll be cursing my name.” 

It didn’t even take two days, my abs are feeling it already!

The rest of the class was a typical Vinyasa flow, but pretty fast-paced and even though I haven’t been sweating in yoga much, I was yesterday!  I got some good handstand hangtime in and plow again.

I have to admit, I thought about cutting out of the gym after my swim, but I’m so glad I went to the class…I love trying new things in yoga!


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