I jumped out of bed this morning at 5am – going to bed at 8:30 FTW- and rode my bike trainer for an hour. I haven’t seen a morning workout in a long time, but for some reason I decided to do today’s training sesh bright (except it wasn’t actually bright) and early.

But then a weird thing happened kind of all day long. I started to feel guilty for NOT working out after work. Mid-day, I thought about grabbing a gym bag with clothes for yoga or running or swimming, or all three so my mood could determine what I wanted to do after work.

But, why?! I already worked out today! And yesterday! And the day before!  It could be an extra workout…it could be getting a weekend workout in early.

My body would never tell me it’s had enough (well maybe in a marathon? Ironman?), but I need to remember to tell myself when it’s enough and to be kind to my body and thank it for all the awesome things it does for me. 

More please.

In case you couldn’t guess, I’m vegging tonight!  The pup will get a walk, but I’m exercising my brain a bit, maybe I’ll bake (I need to perfect my Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies I attempted for VDay) and Thursday night TV is calling my name.


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