Dubs Under Dubs

Last long run today. I spent the early morning hours, you know, like when you’re awake but it’s the weekend and you’re too stubborn to admit that you’re not falling back asleep, worrying about this ten-miler.

I finally got up, but HAD to finish this:

And then I realized if I had started running when I started worrying about it, I’d be done already, so I laced up and shut up and ran.

And I got my first double-digit run in a looong time and came in (just) under a double-digit pace, which is a very good thing for me, and for the most part, it felt very good.

T-minus six days to my half-marathon! 

I was happy, but sad, for the end of FNL and I’m pretty sure I’ll just be happy for the end of half training (but I also know it will be worth it)!


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