It’s half-marathon week!

Hot damn, did that half-marathon sneak up on me!

I signed up for it in November and started official training in December and was all like, “yeah, I can do this.”

And then I was like, “running sucks, but I’m stubborn.”

And then I channeled my inner hippie and was like, “hey man, no worries, do what the universe asks of you.”

Yes, my inner hippie is Matt McConaughey. Yours isn't?

And then my inner type A spoke up and was like, “finish what you start, young lady.”

And then the race organizers harshed my mellow.

And then I was like, “live to sweat. Working out is my crack. When can I get my next hit?”

But, now there’s no time left for any more emotional roller coaster rides because it all culminates on Saturday!  In Goodyear.

My plans this week are hydration, active rest, protein and carbs.

My concern this week is my tender ankle…a little sore on my long run and tweaked further in a Meg v. Rigo chase on Monday.

My feeling this week is that the half-marathon is not THAT big of a challenge.  I’ve done it before, I’m fit.  I guess this is what ready feels like?

Even with my downplaying it, it’s taking up my brain this week and I know I’ll feel pretty darn good at the end.  And like I deserve a big old plate of french toast and a beer.

And then I’ll probably get a stupid runner’s high and decide another half or even a full is, like, TBIE.  Someone hide my credit cards and block on my computer on Saturday and probably Sunday just to be safe?  Kthanksbye.


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