Back-Handed Compliment

I had an awful thought today.

After learning that the twenty-minute run on my training plan the day before the race was more for psychological benefits than training purposes and getting the go-ahead that rest for my ankle was probably a better idea anyway, I swam.

The 1200-meter swim included eight 25-meter sprints and for the last four I decided to time myself and make each one faster. And I did – 22, 21, 20 and 19 seconds. Because I’m awesome and all.

And then I thought…I’m a good swimmer.  I’m much better at swimming that I am at running. I pretty much back-hand complimented myself!  I almost immediately realized it was a little rude and that I definitely don’t need those negative thoughts the night before a race.

My thought was that I haven’t seen much improvement in running.  I haven’t been able to tell myself to run negative splits and do it, they happen or they don’t, running, to me, seems much more of an “it is what it is” activity.

It might be the voice of my favorite yoga teacher in my head reminding me to focus on the positive…”wow, my right hip is really open today” or “I’m really strong on my left side in this pose” instead of thinking about what hurts or being frustrated about the poses that I’m struggling with, but I know I should have just stopped at, “I’m a good swimmer.”

Since then (yes, for all of the last five hours), I’ve been saying much nicer things to myself about rocking the race tomorrow. I’m carbo-loaded, my gadgets are charging, my outfit is laid out. Now I need to get some sleep!


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