Arizona Half-Marathon

I ran my second half-marathon today in 2:07:48, a new PR!

The Arizona Half race wasn’t very, well, race-like.  It was “capped at 1,500,” but there were a grand total of 262 runners and they all spaced out pretty quickly, so for the most part I had only a few other runners in my sight during the race.

Plus, the out-and-back course was very suburban, so I kinda just felt like I was running.  For funsies.  In Goodyear. But, I reminded myself a handful of times that I was indeed racing and picked up my pace and am happy with how I did (and okay, disappointed I missed a sub-2:00…I was on pace for about the first half).

The race did have legit timing on-course and instant results at the end.  I got sliced and diced stats emailed to me while I was on my hour long drive back to civilization.

I found out I’m pretty average…overall, among the ladies and in my division…and that’s okay.  I kinda love the whole, “you beat everyone on the couch” idea.

I think I’m most disappointed that I was promised beer and when they kaboshed the finisher’s festival, that went with it.  But since prohibition’s over and all, beer’s not too hard to come by and my iced hazelnut coffee hit the spot just fine anyway.

Please note how I used my bra as storage for snacks – PowerBar Energy Blasts, I had a few in the last half – and please note that this is not actually recommended use of a bra during a 13-mile run.  It’s now unfortunately the only place I got the dreaded runner’s chafe.

I will give the Arizona Half this…it was a runner’s race for sure.  It was no-frills and with all the hassle leading up to it, the people who showed up this morning did so because of their love for the sport and/or their commitment to themselves.  The 262 participants had heart and I’m happy to have been a part of it!


2 thoughts on “Arizona Half-Marathon

  1. Congrats on your PR!!! I feel like I would run faster if I was running from Goodyear. Like the prize for finishing is you’re not in Goodyear anymore 😉

  2. Congrats on your new PR!!!

    Wow im sure it was weird to be running the whole 13 with only 262 people! Normally races are so packed you can’t find your own space!

    PS I’m sad that you didn’t get your beer!

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