And now I’m going to talk about boobs.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The thing is, I’m pretty sure I just dislocated my shoulder attempting to take off a sports bra. I grabbed it from the sales rack as I walked to the check out, assuming it would fit.  Never assume. I mean, it did fit, but I’m not looking for Fort Knox level protection.

I understand that for many women, sports bras are all about function.  They have to lock and load their bad girls to be comfortable during a workout and so, with all the bra manufacturers striving to make bras that actually work (WTF?!), the simple, non-suffocating ones are hard to find!

For me, I’d just be happy with something light and comfy and pretty, like these options I was able to find at the Gap:

Can you recommend any shelf/cami bras? I’ve had luck with Vicki’s in the past, but they seem to have gone a little too utilitarian recently.  With the bras from the Gap, it seems I might have to sacrifice the sweat-wicking fabric (the one utilitarian feature I do like) for a fit that works.

Do you think about your boobs during a workout?  Are they a bother or a blessing?


One thought on “And now I’m going to talk about boobs.

  1. I have pretty much the opposite problem haha, but I really actually like the ones at Target if I have a more supportive one underneath (yes, it often takes two). They also come in super cute colors and are cheap!

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