Leap Day

2012 kindly gifted us with 24 extra hours, one-time offer, use it today or lose it. I tried to read up on the reasoning and the math behind it, but mostly I’m just glad someone else figured it out so we’re not celebrating Christmas in July.

Apparently, 35-year-old spinsters (wait, wha?!) were urged by their fathers to use the day (or a leap year in general) to chase and drag a man to the altar.

I decided against that.

I used today to finish Catching Fire (more depressing, but easier to get into, than Hunger Games and I can’t wait to start Mockingjay).

My legs finally loosened up from Saturday, so I went for my first post-race run. Okay, okay, it was my first post-race work out period, but I snuck a solid five miles in, making my total for February 90 miles!  That actually really surprised me, but I’m very happy with it.

I made my March budget and set my March intention – first things first. Yes, yes, that was a 2012 commandment, but I’ve gotten a little procrastinaty, so I’m reminding myself in March.

I also cleaned my house and painted my nails, so I’ll go ahead and call my extra day a win.

Did you do anything wonderful with your extra 24 hours?  Anyone else think it should totally be a holiday and a free-for-all day to have fun or be fantastic or something?


2 thoughts on “Leap Day

  1. I love how productive your leap day was!!
    I feel a little guilty that I wasted my “extra” day doing nothing out of the ordinary. And I firmly believe that leap day should be a holiday – free from work!

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