An Off Week

Last week I was going to go to yoga after work, but instead I went to Starbucks and got a coffee light frap and a chocolate croissant.  Yum.  I don’t do afternoon treats very often, which I guess is good, because I enjoy them more when I do.
In the week after my half-marathon, I decided to take a break and I let my body decide if I was going to work out.  My quads were pretty tight for a few days post-race, but other than that, my body felt pretty good so the week turned into more of a mental break, which was just as necessary!
I still had a training schedule – my next triathlon is now less than six weeks away! – but I told myself it was okay if I did them and it was okay if I didn’t.  Most of the workouts were light recovery-type seshes anyway, so I wasn’t missing any crucial training time.
My body and brain decided to run five miles on Wednesday and take Rigo to the greenbelt to run two on Sunday, but mostly my body and brain decided to read the Hunger Games series, watch Gossip Girl and lay out by the pool.
I usually have major missed-workout guilt, to an extent that I can admit sometimes is unhealthy, so relieving myself of that guilt was wonderful and probably a good reminder to not be so hard on myself.
I was a little concerned about what would happen when I wanted to get back to it, but my motivation bounced right back on Monday and I’m rocking my new training plan!

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