Super Pup

In honor of National Puppy Day (yeah, it’s a thing), here’s a post I’ve had as a draft for too long and it’s about time I admit this to you…

Recently, I have been ousted as the fittest being in my house.

Who me?!

I’ve had Rigo the Super Pup for almost five months now and we’re finding our routine.  We do a little something different every day to expel his puppy energy – long walks, dog park, long walks to the dog park, running around like crazypants (him, not me).

In the past few months or so, the long walks turned into runs.  He’s made my Garmin display paces it hasn’t ever seen (well, maybe while riding my bike), but chasing him makes it somehow easier (similarly, the fastest I EVER saw my Girls on the Run run during practice was when the workout involved a game of chase). Luckily he still gets a little distracted and stops pretty quickly, so they’re interval runs for sure.

Mostly, we take a little 1.75 mile loop around my neighborhood. It’s a nice workout for him and a nice addition to my regular training.  I like that it’s a constant that will allow me to really track improvements, whether it’s the time it takes or how the distance we run before taking a walk break.

We’ve started taking the runs to the Scottsdale greenbelt so there are fewer lights but more people and dogs and ducks (he needs a little social immersion) and he does very well.  He’s a pretty good training buddy.

And then we get home and he does this, which is sometimes nice too:

I actually took the Super Pup to a race last weekend and am just waiting on some pics to do a recap!

If you’re thinking he looks like a totally different dog, here’s his before and after from his first big boy haircut earlier this month:

Happy Puppy Day!


7 thoughts on “Super Pup

  1. He is so cute. Mine wants to run, and I feel horrible that I’m just not a runner. So I walk him as much as possible. Still, the time flies by much faster when I have him along with me.

  2. He’s so cute!! I don’t know if I like the big boy haircut or the shaggy dog look better! There’s something so cute about a shaggy dog. He looks so handsome with his big boy haircut, though! I am glad he likes to run with you. If only Ali would run more than a quarter mile….I can dream, can’t I?

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