Hairy Mary

Being a gym-goer for a few years now has not by any means made me a good gym-goer. Case in point, last night I found myself at the gym for a yoga class with no hair ties. This is actually the item I forget most often (with iPod or cap and goggles tied for second place). Hair tie vending machines in the locker rooms would make a killing, even if I was their only client.

I’m not going to lie, I work out at a fancy gym (and I kind of just realized that they may actually have hair ties in the cafe where they also sell deodorant or other easily forgettable items or I could have stopped by the salon and begged one from a stylist, doh) and I just can’t quit it because it’s awesome. I go there to sweat, but often find myself people-watching the members who go there to see/be seen/hit on/be hit on or any combination.

Many of those women work out with their hair perfectly done, but let’s be honest, they’re not doing much of the working out part. However, doing yoga with no hair tie is a bad idea. It’s just obnoxious.

I found two bobby pins and my iPod headphones in my bag (not the iPod, of course) and you can guess what I attempted. Tying my hair up in an iPod cord didn’t work and all through class I was fixing the bobby pins to bun around the cord to hide that I had earbuds in my hair! Okay, so maybe I do care at least a little how I look when I’m working out.

I realized it was a losing battle and I was so damn distracted and felt like I was distracting everyone else in the class, so finally I skipped a down dog to rip the whole thing out, knowing very well that with my curly hair and the rubberyish cord, it could end up in an even bigger mess (these fears run back to elementary school days…having curly hair gives you a little baggage), but fortunately it came out pretty easily, but I had to do the rest of the class with my  hair all over the place!

I love the teacher who subbed and with t-minus three weeks to my triathlon, yoga classes are pretty scarce these days, but it was probably the worst. class. ever. I was still sweating and my arms felt like they had had a good workout, but zen and centered and calm I was not.

What have we learned from this? The value of hair ties. The need to have bunches in my car, in my gym bag, at the office. Anywhere and everywhere.

So, when I stopped at Wal-Mart this morning (don’t judge, it’s in a swanky part of town and it’s open 24 hours and it’s glorious), guess what I DIDN’T pick up?! I think I’ll have to regress to my junior high style that involved wearing scrunchies as part of my outfit.  Really.  Even if I didn’t put it in my hair all day.  Had to have.  And often I wore it above my elbow.  And if you pretend you didn’t do the same, you’re a liar!

What do you most often forget for your workouts? What is a deal breaker if you forget it?


One thought on “Hairy Mary

  1. Hahaha this post cracked me up!! I’ve often forgot bobby pins (the worst is a sweaty forehead covered with bangs!), my ipod, and my SHOES! Haha. One day I went to yoga and decided to do some weights before class, but I had come to the gym in flip flops knowing I’d just take them off for class. I still lifted weights, and got a lot of weird looks.

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