Kiss Me I’m Irish Run

My good friend from high school came into town last weekend two weeks ago for a bachelorette party (she’s already back for the wedding!) and suggested we do a St. Patrick’s Day fun run she found in Glendale.

Yes. That is a bag o' poop I'm carrying.

The Kiss Me I’m Irish Run had three distances – 4K, 8K and 17K – and we decided since green beer was the reward for completing any of the distances, we’d stick to the 4K, which worked out well because the night before I decided to take Rigo to the pet-friendly event! With all the outside stimuli, two-and-a-half was a good distance for him.  There were quite a few schnauzers, including one who did the 17K!

We started at the back to get some space and walked most, but as we found space, jogged a little. Rigo did well on the race (he loves to run!), but the start and finish areas were a little intense for such a little guy.

He was unimpressed with our time of 45:54 and the fact that the first 17K finisher blew by us shortly before the finish line, but we all had a lot of fun.  I want to do more fun runs!

And then, of course, there was the green beer!

Another finisher’s reward was a pack of Hershey’s Kisses. Get it? Kiss Me I’m Irish? It kind of worried me that some might end up on the ground and look like a good treat for Rigo, but I thought I was watching the little boy until we got home and he sacked out, but woke up and threw up a wrapper!

I kind of freaked a little, but the vet said to soak a small amount of hydrogen peroxide onto a piece of bread and give it to him. It bubbles their tummy and induces vomiting in dogs.

About a half hour later, it worked. In that time, I had also read that the kind – milk chocolate is less toxic than dark or baker’s – and the amount he had likely ingested (if it was, in fact, anything more than just a wrapper) was not really enough to harm him, but he’s such a little guy that I was happy to have it all out just in case.

While he rested up, I went out for a little more St. Patrick’s Day celebrating at O’Donoghue’s Pub in North Scottsdale.  It was quite the party with live music, traditional food, Guinness, Jameson and lots of green everywhere! Including on this lovely group of ladies:

Oh and I FINALLY finished Mockingjay.  I let it alone for quite some time because I found it pretty disturbing.  I liked the first one (but still haven’t seen the movie)  and liked the characters (although not really in MJ) and am not sure what I expected from a post-apocalyptic dystopia story, but I guess I’m a little disappointed by a few things in the end.  I’ve heard from a lot of people who at mixed feelings at the end too.  If you’ve read the books, what did you think?

Do you have the fun run bug?!


3 thoughts on “Kiss Me I’m Irish Run

  1. Megan that photo of you running is adorable!!…Even if you are holding a bad of poop haha. And I’m glad to hear that Rigo was okay after the chocolate incident!

    Yeah I had mixed feelings about the end of Mockingjay too – it seemed kind of rushed and thrown together

  2. We’ve gotten good at running with poop bags! Glad to hear your puppy is ok!

    I love fun runs (especially ones that provide beer afterwards).

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