My Mini-Spring Break

2006 - Senior Year

My college roommate, Amy, is currently on her two-week spring break from the school she works at in LA and she took her middle weekend to come visit me! And I took the opportunity to pretend for two-and-a-half days that I was on spring break as well!

The only plan for the weekend was an alumni event at a Diamondbacks/Dodgers spring training game at Camelback Ranch Stadium in Glendale. She’s a Dodgers fan and I’m a DBacks girl, so it worked out well, especially since the DBacks won!

The alumni event was a nice idea (I went to a small, private college in California and it’s nice that they do events here sometimes as many students are from Arizona or land here after graduation), but it was a lot of older alumni and their families and it was held in an open-air suite and the lack of sun and the wind that was coming through there made it really chilly, so we spent some time on the deck before finding seats in the sun behind home plate to enjoy the rest of the game.

Spring training brings in a lot of visitors, but I think it’s something I tend to take for granted and miss out on, so I’m glad I got to at least one game this season!

On Monday, I had to work in the morning, but I left at about lunch time and took Amy to Old Town Scottsdale for some wedding dress trying on fun with my newly engaged guest!

When I have visitors, I suddenly think of twenty places we HAVE to go to eat, so it felt like we were eating all weekend long, but we were eating well!  We hit Postino for bruschetta, La Grande Orange for wine from their grocery enjoyed at the picnic benches outside with my St. Patrick’s Day Run friend back in town with her boyfriend for the wedding, Local Bistro for some fantastic risotto and Salty Senorita for mid-day margaritas and Mexican food on their sunny patio.
It was a pretty grand mini-spring break and I have another three-day weekend coming right up to enjoy the spring weather in Arizona!

2 thoughts on “My Mini-Spring Break

  1. That sounds like so much fun! I love the idea of a mini spring break – you are too clever!

    I definitely dont take advantage of the fact that we are lucky to have spring training right here in AZ! I unfortunately didnt make it to a single game this year :/

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