That Time I Won a Wetsuit

Go ahead and ask me what the most ridiculous piece of clothing I own is.

Oh, thanks for asking, it’s this…

I was going to rent a wetsuit for my upcoming tri and then swear off any events that would require one because swimming in the warm September water was so much better, but then the universe gave me this one.

Red Rock, the tri event company, and Durapulse, a local multisport training company, put on an open water swim clinic this weekend at Saguaro Lake in Mesa, open to any athletes competing in next week’s tri, but limited to 100 registrations.  Then, out of those registrations they picked a winner for a free wetsuit and it was me!

Lucky me..last week I also won a book from The Chick Lit Bee!

So, they gave me the suit and helped me figure it out and then at the clinic I learned a few things about swimming in a wetsuit and swimming in crowded open water.  Mostly, though, I learned that I’m not good at either of them.

Don’t get me wrong, as I cut the last corner of the first practice lap, panicking for shore or at least waist-deep water, I gave myself a pep talk about being a good swimmer and even a good open water swimmer, but not a great crowded open water wetsuit swimmer and that’s okay.

I commiserated with a few other women, each having her own unique panic issue – mine was the neck constriction of the suit affecting my breathing + being kicked – listened to the rest of the instruction, but kept my swimming to parallel to the shore, ate my pancake breakfast and went home.  And had a pity party for a few hours before I took that damn wetsuit to the gym, put it on (with the help of two very nice foreign girls) and swam the distance in the pool.  Hated it, looked ridiculous, but did it!


3 thoughts on “That Time I Won a Wetsuit

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