Marquee (Sprint) Triathlon

I completed my second tri this weekend! I had a lot of “if…then” scenarios in my head, and on Saturday when I picked up my packet and dropped off my bike, I had to make my decision and I dropped from the olympic distance to the sprint and it was a fantastic choice for me!

I had lost some sleep in the week leading up to the race with nerves and whatnot and I actually woke up on Sunday morning not sure if I wanted to do it, but 100% sure that I was going to do it and that I was going to race it and rock it.

The sprint waves didn’t start until 9am, so I had a leisurely morning to pack, drive down to Tempe Town Lake and set up my area, this time at least having a little better idea what the hell I was doing (note: all my clothes were waiting for me right-side out).

Before I knew it, I was wetsuited up and jumping in the lake. As much as I hate the suit, for warmth and buoyancy during the mid-lake tread start, I was sooo glad to be wearing it.

When the buzzer buzzed, off I went, no panic, just swimming and focusing on one, two, three, breathe. Besides crashing straight into two very large and very stationary men from the earlier waves, it was fine. Better than that, actually, it was great!

Swim – 750 meters – 15:46 (4th in my age group and pretty much my bragging point for the whole race)!

The wetsuit strippers were pretty fantastic, but I wasn’t feeling great when I got out of the water, so I took my time transitioning (3:55).

After I caught my breath, I felt I was doing well on the bike (for me), but it was frustrating because I knew with the same amount of effort on a legit road bike I’d be cruising even faster. I clocked mostly sub-4 miles on the fairly flat course, which was my goal and I felt good about it.

Bike – 12.3 miles – 51:42

T2 was just a bike drop, exchanging my helmet for my hat, exiting on the complete opposite side of transition, and I was off (1:26).

When I started the run, I felt like I wasn’t moving at all because I was used to the bike speed, but my Garmin said I was going at a 7-pace, aka way too fast! I slowed to about 9:30 and did mile two and three (the beginning of which had back-to-back steep hills!) about 10. I cranked it up to a sprint finish, wondering if I should have the power to do so and at the same time thinking my legs were going to give out!

Run – 5K – 30:30

My mom caught me at the finish line and asked how I felt while I was grabbing animal crackers and oranges and my response was, “like I just ran a triathlon!” And I did, but it was a great feeling!

The high dropped a little when I checked the results and didn’t do as well as I felt I had (in case you’re not sitting there with a calculator, it was 1:43:22 total for 9th place out of 18 in my division), but I quickly decided to not let a (non-PR) number determine my worth because what mattered is that I felt great and I was happy with how I had done.



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