Full Steam Ahead

You know that healthy choices are a lifestyle, not just a passing phase, when the day after an awesome triathlon you’re at the gym.

Don’t get me wrong, I rested on Sunday, I ate In-N-Out and my mother’s customary post-race chocolate chip cookies (and even milk, which I have been really good at swearing off recently), but on Monday, I wanted to go to the gym. If my body said no, I would have listened, but it said, maybe just sweat a little.

I was tired after the race, but felt good and it wasn’t until Monday mid-day that my knee started to feel a little tweaked, so I decided against the yoga class I had my eye on and went for a swim instead.

A leisurely swim in the outdoor pool in my cute bikini (but still goggles and cap) – I got a sweet (not) runner’s tan sunburn on Sunday, so I figured I could raise my heart rate a little, while getting some evening-out sun, then I got out and read my new library book in the last of the afternoon warmth. It was pretty delightful.

Marquee was, in my mind, the end of race season, but it’s really not. I’m doing Pat’s Run on Saturday and a six-mile obstacle/mud run on one of my favorite holidays, Cinco de Mayo! Then I’m done. Well, maybe. I’ve still got my eye on a non-traditional triathlon in June, but that’s dependent on a few different things lining up.

I thought I’d have to focus on not losing steam for these tail end events because in the past I’ve gotten a little off track after a big race, but I really think it’s a lifestyle now.  After swimming on Monday, I got in a morning run on Tuesday and started using my hot yoga Groupon yesterday (what a great class!).

Ask me again in September when it’s been over 100 every day for three months and I might have a different answer about how physically active I am and want to be, but for now, my steam is going nowhere.


3 thoughts on “Full Steam Ahead

  1. You inspire me Megan! Personally I’m a little sad that racing season is almost over! I’ve been looking at doing that mud run…I think I am going to wait and see how Warrior Dash goes this weekend and I might sign up 🙂

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