A Busy (Healthy!) May

Oh hey. Guess who hasn’t been working out? Me! I’m not actually excited about that and I’m not sure why it required an exclamation point.

I was totally all, I got my mojo on, but then life got in the way. I went to Las Vegas, which was awesome, and I have not one bit of guilt for the delicious food I ate, alcohol I drank or time spent by the pool, at the tables and on the massage table.

I got back on Sunday and on Monday, things got busy. My company is ramping up for our big national conference in early June and some responsibilities in my personal life are shifting too.

Each day in May is planned just about morning to night and, while the days themselves are not CRA-zy, the sum of the parts is intimidating to me.

So, how did I celebrate on May Day? Cookies for breakfast, Cheetos (with a sammie) for lunch, attempting to get back to the gym, but forgetting pants and DQ after dinner (it was delicious). Eek.

I know it’s totally mental at this point and that I’m tougher than this, but I am slipping a bit. It doesn’t help that I emptied my fridge out before Vegas and haven’t had the time to restock with good stuff.

Having good options to grab for snacks as well as easily reheatable lunches and dinners is the best way for me to mindlessly eat well (because it’s so easy to mindlessly eat like crap). It’s as simple as that! I know I’ll feel better if I’m not crashing from sugar and caffeine highs and my early mornings and late nights won’t hit me so hard.

Part of my May planning was pre-scheduled workouts on 29 of the 31 days. Granted, I only skipped the first two days (and that’s important to remember that you can always bring it back on track…one bad day does not equal total ruin), so it’s still possible to fit them all in, but in those two days I’ve realized I need to adopt a something is better than nothing workout mentality – just for the month – then I can get back to my live to sweat mentality.

Instead of a hard and fast training plan, I’m taking on Caitlin’s workout guide she came up with during her pregnancy. (NO, I’m totes not pregnant, I’m going to leave that up to EVERYONE else in the blog world and a lot of women in my real life.)

My goal is to work out five days a week whenever it fits in, doing at least one run, one swim and one yoga class each week. You know, to keep me sane. I finally got back in the pool last night and it felt great!

Anyway, I had a roommate in college and ALL she EVER talked about was how BUSY she was and how TIRED she was and you know what? It was obnoxious. I’m excited about everything I’m busy with, and I’m not complaining!

How do you stay healthy and active when you’re busy or stressed?


7 thoughts on “A Busy (Healthy!) May

  1. Don’t you dare leave that to all of us. I refuse to be pregnant too. 😉 It seems to be in the water here, because EVERYONE is pregnant or just had a baby. I’m such the odd-duck out.

    Good luck with your cray-cray and I hope that you get something in every day.

  2. I love it! While a crazy calendar looks intimidating, I usually find I enjoy the crazy (as long as I’m takinga care of myself!).

    I have a blank calendar too (that I make with pretty markers and hang above my scale) that I track my workouts, it’s pretty darn motivating!

  3. It’s true, something is always better than nothing! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve moved for 15 minutes and called it a workout! I’m excited that you have so many things going on and proud of you for your will power to keep up your work outs!

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