The Heart of a Runner

As much as my own relationship with running has its ups and downs, my heart swells a bit every time I see a runner on the road.  I see a kindred spirit and feel a connection.  I remember why running and I have such high highs.

If I’m driving, I see the runner for all of 10 seconds maybe.  I don’t know if she runs every day or if this is his first post-injury run in months, maybe it’s the first time he’s felt confident enough to run outside, maybe she’s doing her last long run before her first marathon.

What they do before and after running, who they are in their everyday life is anyone’s guess, but for the time they give to themselves out on the road, they all share a few things in common:

dedication | resolution | determination | guts | persistence | heart

Especially if it’s a cold winter morning, or a hot summer afternoon (I don’t know how or why those people do it), especially if it’s raining; if I’ve skipped my run or if I’m looking forward to a good one later, I love the heart of a runner.


3 thoughts on “The Heart of a Runner

  1. This is so beautiful! There’s a wonderful human connection that I feel as a runner, something we can have in common despite so many differences.

  2. I love that you said the thing about seeing runners when you’re driving! I do the same thing! I am always jealous and wish I could be running right beside them! How they do it in the heat? I have no idea! They must really love it 🙂

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