Happy Yogiversary!

Happy yogiversary to me! For those who don’t understand made up words, that means I have been practicing yoga for one year as of today! I even got an anniversary email from the studio I started with!

Since then, I’ve tried a handful of studios, I’ve attempted to flow at home, I’ve practiced outside. I’ve tried, learned and enjoyed different styles.

There’s NEVER been a day when I’ve been disappointed I went to a yoga class. I’ve received something from every hour I’ve spent on my mat.

Yoga has been the most transformative thing I’ve done for my body. Within just the first month, I saw definition and muscles I didn’t know I had and my “happy weight” has dropped about five pounds…and now I ACTUALLY weigh what my driver’s license says!

I’ve also finished six races (and the training that went with them) in the last year and not had any injuries to speak of!

I read recently that most classes and practices are for “beginners” aka those practicing for one year or less, so that means two things. One – I’m not a beginner anymore and two – the person who wrote that really wants to sell teacher training. Teacher training is maybe in my 10-year plan, but for now, I’m happy to just maintain the commitment to myself to practice consistently, whatever that might mean for wherever I am in my life (aka, not so much lately, but I’ve been missing it and am excited to get back to it soon)!


5 thoughts on “Happy Yogiversary!

  1. Happy yogiversary! I’ve been slacking on my yoga lately, but this makes me want to get back into it. Any recommendations on a dvd to buy?

    • Thanks! I borrowed a MTV Power Yoga DVD from the library a few months ago and really liked where it was going, but it was scratched and stopped playing about 7 minutes in! I also liked Bob Harper’s Biggest Loser workout yoga (not sure of the name, but it had past contestants doing it).

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