You know it’s summer in Arizona when…

You know it’s summer in Arizona when the pool is deserted!

Kinda like this…only the exact opposite. Ew.

It’s not so bad right now, but as the heat wears on, it’s too hot to be outside and the pool start feeling like a bath.

After a few errands today, all I could think about was jumping in the pool and I was so happy when I got to my community pool after work and it was EMPTY!

It’s like having your own pool without the maintenance! And, when the pool is empty, you remember what it was like to go swimming as a kid. It’s just FUN! I even practiced my butterfly stroke and with no one around, I’m pretty sure it looked like I was the one who taught Phelps.

I didn’t stay too long, but long enough to cool off AND get my heart rate up and probably get my sweat on (I love how in the pool you don’t feel sweaty!). An active lifestyle doesn’t have to mean strictly planned, sweat-soaked hour-long seshes! Working out is fun…yeah, I said it.


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