A Total Waste of Tennis Shoes

I spent four days last week in beautiful San Diego and – total healthy lifestyle blogger fail – did not work out once!

Yeah, there are worse places to have to work.

I walked all around the hotel, the Manchester Grand Hyatt, IN HEELS and during down-time, around a little touristy village right outside the hotel, Seaport Village, and to dinners in the Gaslamp District, but my running shoes that I HAD to pack that almost tipped my carry-on into non-carry-on territory, really just went for a nice plane ride and to hang out in the closet of the hotel room. Poor things.

The trip took it out of me, but after resting (and watching The Vow) on Saturday night, I woke up on Sunday ready to work out, so I headed to use big #9 of my 10 Sumits hot yoga classes…and sweat out all the alcohol that comes along with work conferences.

Oh my goodness. The alcohol.

I really didn’t drink much until I turned 21 and even then I didn’t like it much. Sure, I had my share of Margarita Mondays during senior year of college and after college, the bar across the street was the place to be and when I was actively dating, meeting over drinks was the norm and let’s face it, I’m cute, so that was AT LEAST a few times a week!

Anyway, since I started to lead a healthier lifestyle…or at least try, no one’s perfect…drinking just isn’t really on my radar. But, as you can see, when I drink, it’s in social settings, and boy was this conference a social setting.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a night that turned into a “never again” proclamation, but this week/weekend of just three nights in a row of drinking and staying up late was enough for me to make that claim! I think my body thinks it’s about 20 years older than it actually is!


6 thoughts on “A Total Waste of Tennis Shoes

  1. Seaport Village is really touristy, but for some reason it’s the only place in SD I have ever found caramel apples!!

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