Sunglasses Day

On this very important holiday, let’s all remember to not be this guy:

Wearing sunglasses inside IS, however, acceptable if you’ve been crying over sappy movies and you are running to Wal-Mart for more break up ice cream. Or if you’re three and adorable:

Are you sensing this is a pet peeve of mine? Also…wearing sunglasses as a headband past a time of day when you would legitimately be wearing sunglasses outside.

Now, let’s all zen out and think about the next fabulous place we’d LOVE to wear sunglasses:


4 thoughts on “Sunglasses Day

  1. Hahahah this post made me laugh. I agree 90% of the time sunglasses should not be worn indoors…. but last weekend, we were getting ready to go out, so I put on my sunglasses, and they decided to “take a pic before we leave”, and I got caught on camera wearin’ em… oh noes!

  2. I’m totally guilty of leaving mine on my head after it’s no longer time to wear them. To be fair, my friend’s three year old likes to play with my purse and I don’t really want broken sunglasses…

    • Okay, I’ll excuse that! I’m currently dealing with a no sunglasses situation because mine ended up at the bottom of my purse for too long!

      • Whew, glad to be excused. 😉 And yeah, I will never buy expensive sunglasses because I’m just too hard on them. And I’m not going to carry around a bulky case for them. They’re either on my head or tossed in my purse and they have to be tough or at least cheap.

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