Happy Independence Day!

Independence #1: I love patriotic holidays. The red, the white, the blue. When I was little, we spent some time every summer in the itty bitty town my mom grew up in – Canal Fulton, Ohio, anyone? – and that was just the ultimate for me…family, small town, fireworks, summertime food, humidity, fireflies…it was so cliché, my little 10-year-old self just wanted to burst.

Independence #2: No office work today! My office closed at 1pm yesterday and until 7ish tomorrow morning, I’m off the clock! I’ve been kind of bummed the holiday fell right in the middle of the week, which sidelined any kind of real plans, like the awesome staycation I had last year, but I’m not one to complain about a day off!

Independence #3: I’ve been sidelined from working out for a while, but today I’m able to get back to some activity…I’ll take it! I’ve been going nuts! I celebrated with a morning hike because our mid-week holiday was blessed with decent weather for Arizona in July, a cool 90-some degrees and overcast.

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!


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