Booty Burn

This summer, I got some pretty cute…okay, really sexy…new bikini bottoms.  I had my eye on the ruffley Brazilian-style bikini for a while and after a year of training for a triathlons and practicing yoga, I was thrilled when I tried them on before my Vegas trip in April. 

I train for race results and endorphins, but I’m not complaining about what it’s done for my body!  Minus the previously-covered VERY white part of my booty that now showed, the bottoms looked hot.

Those bikini bottoms + my workout hiatus + a return trip to Vegas at the end of this month (the bottoms are very Vegas, obvi) = time to get back to it.

Last week, I did what any woman thinking about wearing a tiny bikini in public would do…squats and lunges. And I’ve been hobbling around ever since! Mostly my exercises seemed to target my hamstrings and that’s all good, but I REALLY wanted to feel it in my butt.

So, I pulled out my Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises and yesterday, I hit the gym for some hip raises, single-leg deadlifts (minus the lift), step-up squats (couldn’t find…maybe I made this one up?!), single leg lunges and lateral band walks.

That seemed to do it! I definitely have a pain in my ass today…the good kind!

What are your favorite booty exercises? Are you motivated to work out by bathing suit season or the thought of wearing pieces (bridesmaid’s dress, anyone? I’ve been there too!)? Is it so terrible to admit to a little bit of vanity?!


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