A Wet Summer Weekend

This weekend was wet! We had four days of rain, apparently something that hasn’t happened since 2008!

On Saturday, I went to a first birthday party for the smiliest little girl I know. I find either way I describe my relationship with this girl to be confusing. She’s adorable, so I want to call her my niece, but she’s not really my niece, she’s my sister’s niece, meaning my sister’s husband’s sister’s baby. Got it? Good. Moving on.

It was a pool party that was cut short by a downpour, but we moved inside for cupcakes and gifts! She’s a smart little girl who has already realized she has the power to make a room full of normally rational adults laugh and clap and say “yay” just by clapping her own hands together.  Girl is going places. Plus she already likes shiny things:

On Sunday – after a workout, I DID fit one in – I was having mid-afternoon sushi with some lovely ladies at Sushi Roku at the W Scottsdale, when it started raining through the sunshine and then it just got kind of gross. When I walked outside it was like being in a hot Seattle – muggy and overcast. I went to an eerily empty Target on my way home – apparently not everyone was inspired by the weather to go spend $90 on things they didn’t even know they needed!

I also watched some gloomy weather movies – the creepy thriller Perfect Stranger and Sleepless in Seattle. And A League of Their Own, which is not so much for gloomy weather, but Tom Hanks times two for the weekend? Yes please!

The weather couldn’t take down my good mood this weekend though. After a lot of hurry up and wait to get my ducks (fingerprints) in a row and all my loose ends tied up, I am officially a Realtor! Check out my website work in progress, I’m pretty legit!


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