Back to Basics

At my weekend festivities, I saw friends I haven’t seen in a while, so the typical catch up questions came up, including how training was going.

Hmm…well…I don’t really have an answer for that. I just kind of said I was on a summer hiatus because I find it hard to train in the summer heat and I don’t have any races coming up anyway.

Sad, but true.

That hasn’t stopped me from planning my fall and winter races, though!

I decided against competing in my second Nathan Tri this year, but hope to do one or two later in the year or next spring – maybe one with a pool swim or maybe an out-of-state race (although the logistics of that are probably more than I want to take on, considering I haven’t even done an out-of-town run)!

This upcoming season, I’m going to focus on running and do more short races than I have in the past few years. So far, I’m doing:

UMOM 5K Walk for Homeless Families at the Phoenix Zoo – September 29th
Phoenix Sister Cities 5K – November 10th
Athleta Iron Girl 10-Miler – December 16th

Back to basics! I’ve never really trained for short, fast runs and think it will be a fun challenge. 

Another challenge? Tough Mudder Las Vegas! That’s the reason for the hole in October.  I’m currently building a team – email me if you are already doing it or interested!


2 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. Yeah..I hate training for races in summer – it’s miserable! I have been thinking about Fall/Winter races lately too – I just signed up for the Iron Girl 10 miler too 🙂 I like your perspective on focusing on running and short races. I ran a lot of short ones last year and it helped me increase my speed a lot 🙂

    Are you going to do an Olympic distance tri in the Fall?!? I was thinking about the HITS one at Lake Havasu in November or maybe the one at Bartlett Lake in October..

    I totally want to do the Vineman 70.3 next year… look it up 😉 But the whole shipping my bike thing freams me out – and the fact that its a half ironman haha

    Even though it sounds fun I am not so sure I could survive Tough Mudder…

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