Work Lunch: Greek Cucumber Salad

I usually take leftovers for work lunch, but on Sunday night, I wanted fish tacos and A. you can’t take leftover fish to work, it’s against all the rules and B. there were no leftovers because they were awesome and I’m getting really good at cooking just enough for one.

So, I prepped something different for my work lunches on Sunday afternoon – a new Greek cucumber salad recipe.  Note I said new.  That’s dangerous because what if it sucks? I get cranky and woozy if I don’t eat!

But, it was all stuff I liked and it was based on a Rachael Ray recipe, so how can you go wrong?

Greek Cucumber Salad (for one to-go lunch)
half a cucumber – thick slices, quartered
handful of grape tomatoes – halved
half a bell pepper – chopped
an eighth of a red onion – chopped
a few kalamata olives – quartered
Combine all veggies. Top with olive oil and red wine vinegar, salt, pepper and feta crumbles.

As you can see, my “recipes” are quite precise.  Follow with care!

I chopped on Sunday and added the oil and vinegar before I took it to work so it was nicely soaked in. The veggies are all pretty firm, so they’ll hold up to the dressing, which is nice because then you avoid taking dressing and then forgetting it and then forgetting which in the communal mini-fridge are yours and then everyone’s mad at the person who’s taking up all the space in the already-small-for-nine-people fridge, including you because you have no idea they’re ALL YOURS. 

In addition to getting cranky if I don’t eat, I also get totally lethargic, which makes me cranky, if I have a big (for me) lunch, so this suited my as-of-late mini-meals plan, but if I wanted a little more, I might add some hard-boiled eggs or it would be really good in a wrap and of course, it could just be a really good side for something heartier.

I get so bored and uninspired by my work lunches sometimes, but I’m in love with this one – it’s so easy and quick and a great way to eat fresh!


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