A to B

Wanting to get to B is the first step, but then you have to know how to get there and THEN you have to do it.  Dang, that B must be pretty darn amazing.

One B in my life right now (well, always) is athletic greatness – by my own definition – and ultimate health.

I’ve scoped out some races for the Fall and this week I made the A to B plan…training plans, how I love thee! I’m not officially starting until September, but in September I want to be a good starting point and zero is NOT a good starting point.

Making that first move is intimidating, but yesterday I woke up to this on my Facebook feed from the always-inspiring Stacey:

So, I laced up for my first run in over a month.  Fortunately it was 5am because my puppy hates sleep so it wasn’t too hot yet.  I hate that my legs were feeling those two miles by the end of the day because it was just two easy miles, but they haven’t worked like that in a long time and I know, I know…every day will get better.

What necessary first steps have you taken lately? Fitness or otherwise!


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