Why I hurt.

The most important news of the day is…I can’t lift my arms. My glorious return to yoga was on Tuesday and I know, I know…”practice today so you can practice tomorrow” and I really did try to take it easy, but I haven’t chaturangaed or downdogged in TWO MONTHS so obviously I was going to be feeling anything and everything.

Before that, my not-so-glorious return to yoga was a week ago. My first yoga studio sent me a happy birthday, here’s a free yoga sesh email, so I went, but I was the only one and the instructor was about 70. There’s nothing wrong with that, but since it was a totally customizeable class, I told her my neck and shoulders were tight (always) and we did a lot of stretching, some pose correction and – okay – ONE downdog. It was…interesting.

Yes, yes, my birthday was last Friday. I took the day off, ate carbs and shopped. It was pretty awesome. Apparently 28 is the age when a woman feels her sexiest. Lucky me!

Monday was exactly two months until the Tough Mudder Vegas race I may or may not be doing, but I decided it was time to get on track. I was going to push myself to workout consistently in August and get on a training schedule in September, but that first part doesn’t really work for me, so I planned out my workouts starting that very day and so far I’m four for four.

I started with three treadmill walk/run interval miles on Monday and then did it again last night. Last night I made myself finish faster (barely, but it counts) and the running felt better. Small victories! I’m definitely sore from those too though!

So, I guess the long story short of why I hurt is that I took too much time off and getting back to it is tough!

So that’s where I am and how I got here.  Where are you? How did you get there?


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