The Obligatory Heat Bitchfest

True story – the temps in Phoenix have been above 90 degrees every hour since Monday at 7am. It’s Friday. The extreme heat warning has been extended until Sunday.

I really try to bite my tongue all summer because I know how annoying it is come January when bloggers and Twitterers and Facebookers in the Midwest or Northeast complain that, OMG, it’s COLD.

And I get it, I know. I live in the middle of the MF desert because someone decided it would be a great place to randomly build a city and my parents randomly decided to move here from one of those godforsaken Midwest states many, many years ago and I was smart enough to get out, but then for some reason decided to move back and I shouldn’t really complain that OMG, it’s HOT.

BUT, it is just that part of the summer when it’s totally unrelenting and I’ve been complaining a teensy bit.

It’s been going on so long and the end is almost, but not really in sight. And by sight I mean a really tiny dot on the horizon. (My sister’s outside wedding last year on October 15th was the last 100 degree day of the year, so mid-October is about where I hold the end in my mind.)

Hey, wouldn’t you know? Complaining didn’t actually make me feel better. Another reason to STFU. Instead I shall road trip. Plane trip? Get the heck out trip?


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