Workout Giant: Kickboxing

A lot of my workout giants are really just things that take me out of my comfort zone.  My comfort zone at the gym is the treadmill, the yoga studio, the pool, the steam room (ahhh) and sometimes the spin studio. But, I’ve been dying to try my gym’s Cardio Kickboxing class, which is held in the, gasp, “Group Fitness Studio 1.”

Many years ago I was in love with a kickboxing class at my little gym in Thousand Oaks and I was faithfully there every Monday and Wednesday at 5:30 and Saturdays at 9. IN LOVE. But, the gym didn’t pay their rent, got shut down and I never went to a kickboxing class again. Until Thursday night.

The instructor joked at the beginning of the class for the newbies (there were quite a few) that she locks the door, but fortunately I didn’t have to test that.  It WAS for sure a tough class – more appropriately named Cardio Kick Booty Boxing, I was sore for a few days after!  – but the hour was fun and sweaty and flew by! It was everything I remembered and loved and I’m so happy I have a class I can get to to punch and kick out a little aggression when necessary! And then at the end, you feel like this:

Are there any fitness classes you want to check out but haven’t yet? I included a few new ones on my training schedule in the next few months and since kickboxing was so great, I’m pretty excited about them!


4 thoughts on “Workout Giant: Kickboxing

  1. I took cardio kick boxing at my gym a few times and really liked it. The teacher had this super high pitched voice and would yell things like “Punch punch! And KICK!” I would spend half the time cracking up laughing, but it’s a great workout! I’ve tried pretty much everything I have the desire to, but I’m sure there are awesome classes I’ve never heard of. OH, and if I EVER find a place to do karaoke spin, my life will be made. Until then, I just sing along on my little bike, and annoy the people around me 😉

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